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"So you are the proud owner of a clitoris? A fully-paid-up member of the Cliterati? Excellent! Owning a clitoris is one of the most important pieces of the female-orgasm puzzle. Knowing how to work it, makes up the rest."

Access the exclusive Orgasm O'Clock article; your step to step guide to having a fantastic clitoral orgasm. 

Enter the password ama.start.here for access!

Surprising Facts 

89% own a sex toy, with a quarter owning between 6 -10!  Lucky ladies!

67% have experimented with achieving different types of orgasms than they are used to. You go girls!

...and a massive 93% of you want to have better orgasms! 

I think we're all gonna have a lot of fun!

Each fortnight I update you with content and solo sex tips to make your masturbation game pop! Because I like you so much, I'm not gonna keep you waiting.  Here's your 1st tip:

Like the Brontë sisters, we all have the “other” hand, that's maybe not as successful, but try giving her the spotlight occasionally. Whether using a toy or your bare fingers, the other hand is less predictable and has its own way of doing things.  You may be surprised at how good and different it feels.

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