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Suction: Minimum Effort, Maximum Payoff

Too good to be true, right? Suction toys stormed onto the scene only a few years ago, and have been rocking worlds ever since. Disclaimer: most of these toys don’t actually suck. Yes, there are vibrators and other sucky things on the market that do legitimately create hickey-like sensations and draw blood to certain areas, but the vibes we’re discussing here don’t do that.

Suction toys are so popular because they’re efficient and effective.

The range of toys we touch on in this video use air-pulse technology to create the sensation of suction. If you’ve ever been to a concert and noticed the speakers blasting air at the poor souls standing right in front of them, you get the picture. But for most of us, using suction toys doesn’t result in permanent damage to your eardrum (and if it does - please DM us and share your story because that’s incredible).

Suction toys are so popular because they’re efficient and effective. The motor really does all of the work, so after some careful placement all you need to do is sit back and relax. They have been described as capable of “pulling an orgasm out of you.” They can make you come super quickly, which some people may not appreciate but many find a valuable asset. They also can make you squirt. This isn’t a guarantee, so please pardon my repeating myself when I say: everybody is different, and what works for some may not be ideal for others.

Because suction toys are so new to the market, competition is fierce and developments are coming quickly… just like we are. Companies are designing toys in many shapes and sizes: compact and perfect for travel, rabbit-style for dual stimulation, and even with large ergonomic handles. This makes them a great choice for women living with disabilities or injury.

These toys are also great at offering a wide range of speeds. Low settings are low, and high settings are very intense. Unlike wands or other high-intensity vibrators, you can build up a tolerance, so to speak.

In my pussy’s opinion, suction toys perform better than any other toy when underwater. They’re designed to create a seal around your clit without actually touching it, and the pulses are carried by the water to other parts of your genitals, like a pleasant echo. To quote a phrase from Lelo, whose rendition is named Sona: it’s clitorally mind-blowing.

Artwork by Hazel Mead x AM Appointment

My best advice for these toys is to use just a dab of lube around the mouthpiece, to really create a seal. When you’re in a shop and can feel (with your hands) how they work, place them on the pad of your thumb, not the tip, so the whole opening is covered. These toys can seem noisy but when you’ve got the seal right, it muffles the sound well.

If you’ve found most vibrators on the market don’t work for you, I’d suggest giving a suction vibe a try.

Some women also feel a need or desire for penetration when using suction toys. As mentioned, some styles have been designed as rabbit-style toys so they include an insertable vibrating end. Or, if you enjoy partnered sex with men, bringing one of these to the table could really add some new sensations.

If you’ve found most vibrators on the market don’t work for you, I’d suggest giving a suction vibe a try. There are so many different ways to have an orgasm, and suction toys are a testimony to how creative we’ve become in making them happen. Happy hunting, and happy humping.

Written by #phoenixtarampi


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