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Quick Guide to Blended Orgasms

Having a G-spot orgasm can be tricky – actually, I should say ‘very tricky’.

It’s not something you’ll learn in an hour or two. It might take weeks or even months. But the good news is, there is a fun way of teaching yourself how to do this.

The blended orgasm is an orgasm brought on by stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously.

This can be done with just your hands (it requires use of both hands), or one hand + one toy, or two toys, or a rabbit-style vibe (options!). Stimulating both areas at the same time is likely to bring on an incredible orgasm, and it’s often faster than when you stimulate just one area. This is the main reason the rabbit-style vibrators remain the bestselling vibrators ever – they consistently offer a good ole’ time!

But How???

As you get used to the sensations of an on-coming orgasm, you withdraw the clitoral stimulation a second just before it breaks, but still continue firm stimulation of the G-spot. Once you can do that, it’s time to withdraw the clitoral stimulation 2 or 3 seconds before the orgasm crests. And then 5 seconds, and so on. Over time, you teach yourself to rely on less and less clitoral stimulation, and you ‘move’ the orgasmic area to your G-spot.

This smooth move teaches you to separate the sensations and where they’re building, and you are now able to have three different orgasms; clitoral, G-spot and blended!


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