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Making Your G-Spot Sing

Ladies, can we try to agree that in 2019 the question should not be “Does the G-spot exist?” but rather “What makes MY G-spot happy?”

You will hear us at AM Appointment say repeatedly that all our bodies – and vulvae – are different. What makes me and my G-spot happy may not work for you, but there can be joy and pleasure in the challenge of finding your own sweet spots and making them sing – or even squirt if you want.

Here we discuss a variety of toys that are designed with G-spots in mind, but let’s start with a little anatomy lesson and then get into the good stuff.

The G-spot is a little patch of densely-concentrated nerve endings around our urethral sponge and is also considered part of the interior anatomy of our clitoris. It’s usually found about half a fingers-length inside the vagina, on the front or top (anterior wall) of the vaginal canal.

One easy way to identify it is by its texture. It’s usually firmer or more ridged than the rest of your vagina, not unlike the texture of the roof of your mouth. You can find it by gesturing in a “come here” motion with your fingers, as if you’re telling your belly button to “get over here!”  Using a descriptor like this could be helpful if you’re guiding a partner through G-spot stimulation.

Another indicator is that when you apply firm, even pressure – either by stroking or pressing into it – you may feel like you need to pee.

Some G-spots are located deeper within the vagina or shallower, some are very sensitive while others feel no different than the rest of the vaginal canal. Most are challenging to stimulate with a penis in traditional sex positions, and basically all of them take much more time and effort to get excited than a clitoris does. Broadly speaking, it can take up to 30 minutes of consistent stimulation for a G-spot to become fully aroused, let alone reach orgasm.

I mean, who has the time, right? And furthermore, who has the forearm strength and endurance?!

Sex toys, that’s who. In this video, we explain the top things to look for in a G-spot toy and illustrate some of the choice tricks to try when coaxing it to climax.

The thing you want to focus on when looking for a G-spotter is the shape and the head of the toy. Look for a curved, almost c-shaped bend which allows the toy to press against the top/front of your vagina when you thrust or press. A bulbous, tilted head helps hone in on the zone, too. The Fun Factory Abby G and Bliss by Sh! are two vibrators that are very different in size, but both offer a nice tilted, bulbous head to massage your G-spot.

Now, full disclaimer – my G-spot doesn’t love vibrating toys, but boy-howdy does it love a good massage. There are many toys we touch on in this video that I would happily take for a test-drive, but maybe leave them in neutral.

An often-overlooked (and somewhat unpopular) aspect of G-spot discovery is that it takes work.

If you lean into your toy with your pelvic floor muscles, effectively pushing your G-spot down against it, you’re far more likely to come than if you were just letting the toy vibrate against your vaginal walls. Squeezing against an object not only lets more of your G-spot come into contact with it, it also provides a workout for your pelvic floor muscles.

Toning this group of muscles can help you have stronger, more controlled, even multiple orgasms. Who doesn’t want that? And if you’re all “hey I have perfect control of my orgasms,” then good for you, girl. Keep up the exercise because as we age, a strong pelvic floor can guard against incontinence and maintain healthy spinal support. Win, win, win, win!

So umm, can I get me some of that G-Spot orgasm? 

G-spot orgasms have been described as “fuller,” “deeper,” and “more intense” than an exclusively clitoral orgasm, but that doesn’t make them better. Remember, what works for some won’t work for all, but hopefully the tips and toys we discuss pique your interest. There’s no such thing as a bad orgasm in my book, so lube up and happy g-spotting!

Written by #phoenixtarampi


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