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Magic Wands – Fun For The Whole Family?

We’re not talking about wizards and incantations here, but you may want to park the kids in front of a movie… something like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Turn up the volume for them, too.  Then, lock yourself in your room, plug in one of these wands, and get ready to go for a magic ride of your own.

A Brief (wink wink) History

Wands have been on the scene since the late 1960s when Hitachi brought the Magic Wand Massager to the market. Back then it was advertised as a cure-all for deep muscle tension and pain relief for all the housewives whose shoulders were tired from pulling roasts out of the oven.

But if something buzzes and vibrates, you bet somebody is going to stick it on their genitals to see what happens. And that’s just what legendary Betty Dodson – an old-school feminist and masturbator extraordinaire – did. She shared this mind-blowing discovery with friends and slowly word spread that this thing truly was magic. Once Hitachi caught wind that women were using their tool so unwholesomely, they ditched the patent.

Fast-forward to 2019 and The Magic Wand is still one of the most iconic and popular sex toys in the world. Other brands like Doxy and Swan have put their own spin on things but generally speaking, wands are still large and heavy, with bulbous heads that vibrate at extremely high intensities. Most still need to plug into the wall to accommodate the motors inside.

They’re excellent for women who need deep, powerful vibrations

 Some women struggle to orgasm externally, and this is their ticket. Wands offer a range of speeds and some have patterns like conventional vibrators. They are not insertable, and their heads provide wide and deep sensation, akin to sitting on a washer full of jeans on the spin cycle, but in a good way!

Many women take one look at the loud, heavy, and rather unsexy wands at a sex shop and give it a hard pass, but I beg of you – give it a chance. If you find achieving orgasm too much work, penetration isn’t your jam, and you just plain don’t have time, these ungentle giants are a great option. Personally, if I can’t fall asleep some nights, just five minutes (at most!) with my wand bring me the sweet release of an orgasm followed swiftly by the sweet release of sleep.

And bless the brave innovators of the sex toy business. A tool can’t be on the market for 50 years and not make a few improvements.

A wide range of attachment heads are available that make this toy so much more. Now you can choose to rub against a bumpy or ridged texture, massage your g-spot, even turn your wand into a rabbit with the selection of caps available on the market. And if you want more bang (ha!) for your buck, or if your male partner’s a little jealous, there are prostate massagers and masturbator sleeves for people with penises!

They may be large and cumbersome, but wands also offer a unique benefit during couples play. If you and your partner can find a comfortable position where you have enough space and free hands to bring a wand into play, the vibrations are powerful enough for both of you to feel them.

And last but not least…

If you happen to strain a muscle during your playtime – solo or otherwise – wands still function wonderfully as deep tissue massagers.

Written by #phoenixtarampi


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