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Juicing Your Way to a G-Spot Orgasm

Once you have the clitoral orgasm down pat, you might want to explore a little deeper.

Half a finger inside and up on the front wall of the vagina lies the magical and mythical G-spot.

Whereas the clitoris is more obvious in its positioning, the G-spot is harder to locate. Some go too far in, some go too low, some look in a different part of the body (the male prostate is located inside the rectum, so occasionally I meet peeps who go looking through the back door)…

A Couple of things worth knowing:

The G-spot is a cluster of erectile tissue that grows with arousal, therefore it’s best to make sure you’re properly aroused before you go hunting for it.      

The G-spot responds best to firm pressure.Some women don’t experience sexy sensations in their G-spot until they are ‘older’. As we age, our vaginal membranes grow thinner, so this make sense: You are just saving the best for last! 

Some women say they didn’t experience much sexy-time with their G-spots until after having given vaginal birth. Personally, I believe this is to do with the birth changing the landscape of their lady gardens, which also makes good sense.

What I’m saying is, it could be your G-spot is less sensitive at this point but that could all change. Don’t give up on it

It’s possible to stimulate your G-spot with your fingers, but it’s quite tiring. Having a G-spot toy (vibrating or not) offers relief not only for your poor wrists, but gives you the option of pressing the curved tip deeper into the G-spot if you feel it wants *more!*.

I usually recommend a sort of ‘juicing’ motion, rubbing on the G-spot, but if you prefer an in-and-out motion, that’s what you should go for. Whatever feels best is the right option.

If clitoral stimulation takes a while, G-spot stimulation will take twice that and then some.

A lot longer. That’s just how it works. The G-spot likes a lot of attention, and the more you build your arousal, the more blood will flow into the G-spot, and the stronger your orgasm will be at the end of it. Take.Your.Time.

A G-spot orgasm is, as the name suggests, focused in the G-spot. More often than not, an orgasm brought on by G-spot stimulation will be heavy, deep and throbbing (tempting, huh!). It may release a white liquid known as female ejaculation (not the same as squirting, which is a wetter orgasm). This release offers intense pleasure and rather than sapping your energy, you’ll feel ready for more…

Many women who are multi-orgasmic are enjoying G-spot orgasms, one after another. Give yourself a short break of 15-20 seconds, and then resume G-spot stimulation. You might just find you have more orgasms in you!

Header artwork by Alpha Channeling 

Written by #reneedenyer


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