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F**king Like Rabbits

Ahh, rabbits. One of the most iconic sex toys.

Brought into the spotlight by Sex and the City, and a first-time toy for many women.  And yet, they’re a little complicated. How can a toy that’s meant to hit all the right places guarantee that for every woman, considering our shapes and sizes vary so widely (and beautifully)?

Through careful consideration and natural selection, rabbits have evolved to include a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles and patterns to accommodate almost any body. Charles Darwin would be proud.

In theory, rabbits are the perfect dual-stimulator: an insertable vibrator for your A- and G-spots, plus a little external tickler with its own motor for your clitoris. The ideal set-it-and-forget-it sex toy. In practice, sometimes the cute little bunny ears on the clitoral vibe don’t quite reach, or overshoot your clit. Sometimes the internal portion is just too strong or large. Sometimes the 10+ settings are super overwhelming.

I know this sounds like I’m making a hard sell, but bear with me.

Mastering the world of rabbits becomes so much easier when you’re intimately aware of your own anatomy and what types of sensations work for you – inside and out. Take some time before you go shopping to really decide what type of sensations each part of your genitalia enjoy. If you can, have some fun “measuring” the depth of your G-spot and the distance between your clitoris and vaginal opening. In this video we run through some of the little hacks and techniques that rabbit-enthusiasts have discovered to make these toys work for them.

As you can probably tell, rabbits aren’t my favourite toy.

I’m going to be completely honest here – I’d rather just buy two toys if I want dual stimulation. But most women aren’t sex toy hoarders like I am, and are probably better-off for it. With rabbits, you can get two toys in one. Most rabbits these days have independent motors in each component, allowing the user to completely customise their experience. Lots of them are rechargeable with powerful batteries and motors. Many of them are also waterproof, so you get the added bonus of a bathtub toy!

One trick I’ve learned about rabbits is that the clitoris portion is usually quite flexible, so you can press it against yourself or manipulate it to your fit if it doesn’t naturally rest against you comfortably. Then you can just let the internal portion do its thing, or clench against it with your PC muscles and suddenly you’ve got a free hand to do some exploring elsewhere on your body!

Our wild-card tip in this video involves…

…turning the toy upside-down, so the rabbity clit end can tickle or massage your perineum. This fleshy fun-patch in between your vagina and your anus deserves attention, too.

Ladies, I think I’ve just talked myself into buying a rabbit. Thanks for your time, now I’m off to shop!

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