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Nadia Deen.

Founder of AM Appointment.

Nadia Deen is the Founder of AM: Appointment; an uncensored platform offering extensive advice and tips for women and people with vulvas on how to achieve their best orgasm during self-play… because orgasms... they’re not optional!  She is also currently working on a line of sex toys, set to revolutionise your toy drawer forever. 


A multidisciplinary British product designer, Nadia knows exactly what makes for a good orgasm, from your tips to your toys.  Throughout her studies (MA Fashion Artefact, London College of Fashion. BA Hons Silversmithing & Jewellery, London Metropolitan University), Nadia has used her focus on female sexuality, fantasy and culture, to both educated and create alternative narratives to how we express our very human need for sex and love. 


As a Sex Educator with written work in major publications including Net Doctor, Metro and Cosmopolitan, Nadia has dedicated the last few years of her career encouraging adults to invest time and practice in their sexual journey, with the belief that pleasure is a luxury attainable for all. Nadia is also a Workshop Facilitator for The School Of Sexuality Education and the LaunchPad Start-Up Winner 2018 (London Metropolitan University/Accelerator).


With her own rather adventurous experience with love, Nadia has also become a much sought after dating and relationship connoisseur and has written and talked extensively about dating over the age of 30. Working closely with relationship therapists, her work can be found amongst the pages of Red Magazine, Glamour and Woman & Home. 


Currently designing a range of sex toys for womxn, when asked about her intentions with AM: Appointment, Nadia stated “I want to revolutionise the narrative of masturbation. I am building a community for womxn who want to or are already having the “bold conversation”  whilst feeling empowered  to share and support other womxn in becoming experts of their own sexual pleasure.


When not talking about sex, Nadia can be found at home with her cat Stewie, a good book and a large glass of wine.

Nadia In The Press

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