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Layla  is a 35 year old single Mother of 1 who has decided to write an anonymous blog to share her experiences of dates, relationships, and situationships with fuckboys and wastemen in order to educate and empower other women and to help them to have a fuckboy free life.

Layla has qualifications in Psychology, Counselling, Sexual Health, and Sociology and she has spent her career working in the public and voluntary sector helping people to work through, or leave, fucked up relationships, to change negative patterns of behavior, and to develop self-love and good self-esteem. Layla was just never able to apply her own advice and expertise to her own life, up until now.

Catch her on The Appointment Podcast - Lala Explains Fuckboys  & Emotional Blockages

Catch Nadia on Layla Explains Podcast - The Self Love Episoide.


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